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There are five main routes of elimination: the colon (feces), the kidney (urine), the liver, skin and the lungs. Our bodies often become overburdened in eliminating the toxins we come in contact with through food, water and air and need help functioning so that we can remain as toxin free as possible.

There are many different detoxification therapies available and your physician may establish a detailed detox program for you. This may include a certain diet, nutrients, and botanical medicines and at home practices such as hydrotherapy, skin brushing or sweating.

Heavy metal detoxification may require the uses of special medicines called chelating agents (please see more information in Chelation Therapy section). Detoxification is recommended for all individuals except when weak from illness or when pregnant. It is customary to do detoxification in the spring or fall. Acupuncture can help facilitate detoxification.

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